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it hasnt happened for the longest time

so even though i barely ever post anymore, i *do* read LJ pretty much everyday! and seeing how its been over a month since i posted, and amy wants to read about my date yesterday, i figure ill write.

my date yesterday: awesome!! it sounds pretty strange, but a few weeks ago this guy randomly messaged me on facebook. I guess he saw my picture, and recognized me from the gym, and it turns out he's friends with elise and a couple other people i know. so we started talking, mostly about movies, and he seemed pretty cool. last saturday we went to the momentum art show and had a blast! it was his birthday (hes a dragon - aquarius; a good compliment for my monkey-libra!!!) yesterday we met up again, and planned to go on a bike ride, but my tire was flat. so we went to the library and hung out with some friends, and then made spaghetti and talked...and kissed! i'm really excited about him...he's a whole lot nicer than michael ever was. rob is always quick to point out how he never liked michael, but then again, i guess a girl needs to date an asshole, so then she can tell the difference between the jerks and the nice guys. my new friend is definetly a nice guy. i'm happy!

i played an audition in dallas on tuesday and it went pretty medium. its always the first few minutes that im the most nervous, and suck the hardest. then i have this miraculous recovery. i would like to get into the camp, but oh well. i guess ill be applying to some other places, and getting some recording done with ben lindensmith soon.

how am i going to balance music and school with my new social life? I dont know; what i do know is that for the first time in quite awhile, ive met somebody that, well, is more important to me than bach,mozart, and my bass. maybe i just romanticize/dramatize the musicians life, but well, i was getting to a point where i wondered if i would ever meet anyone that could move me, affect me, more that beethoven. I feel...hopeful, when i was ready to give up hope. i was such a romantic ten years ago, and as ive grown up, i gave up...kinda....maybe im not ready to throw in the towel quite yet though.
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