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i havent written much lately, at least not in livejournal....that doesnt mean there hasnt been much going on though. sometimes i feel like all i do is play music and work....but i dont mind that too much. it was starting to wear on me last week, and i nearly broke from all the stress that i put on myself. i was thinking about it, and its really odd; most of the stress i feel is that that i put on myself, all of the guilt is self-made, and all the derision, put-downs, etc are all ONLY me. No one else i know would even dare call me fat, stupid, or tell me that im not a good musician or that i dont work hard enough. i dont know anyone who would even dream of saying that to me...except of course, me. this last week, ive been feeling alot of guilt and lack of self-confidence. ive decided its time to stop letting guilt run my life. its no way to live. i suppose ive always had a guilt streak in me, instilled by years of church...and i have a hunch japan helped contribute to the magnitude of guilt, seeing as how the whole society is pratically based on it.
but you know, im tired of feeling guilty for eating a donut, or sleeping in 15 minutes, or only practicing an hour or two, watching a dvd, or for getting an asian studies degree instead of a music degree at first....what ridiculous things to feel guilty about! just looking at what i typed, i cant believe how far i let this guilt driven lifestyle get. gosh.....
im a optimist and a hopeless romantic idealist...but i have to learn to accept that the world isnt perfect and neither am i or anyone else.
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