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To blaze...

wow, its been awhile since ive updated. where to begin?

bass camp in stillwater was a great learning experience. I had a really difficult time in some ways, and was forced to confront alot of the issues i have with music, like feeling inadequate and hopeless about it. and feeling too old to be working on a second degree. i got through it, and played a couple solos pretty decently AND i got my new bass! Rumano is one amazing dude, and he better be good to me because i just gave him a whole heck of alot of money, and theres gonna be more on the way.

On the 11th, i headed down to denton for a weeklong class with the bass teacher down there, jeff bradetich. now, i had heard about jeff from my teachers, seeing him play and seeing him teach he blew me away! im so happy my new bass teacher, anthony, got his bachelors under jeff!!! woohoo! i learned soooo much, played a ton, and made alot of friends. i wasnt the best bassist there, but you know, i was ok with that. i worked hard and did my best, even though i still get uber nervous when i play bach. the most important thing i learned from jeff though wasnt about playing or technique though. just meeting him and working with him for a week made me realize that its more important to be a good human being than being a good bassplayer. (of course, i plan on being both, like jeff!!)

The best thing about bass camp though was that i met someone who is just absolutely amazing. (well, aside from jeff, who is amazing but you know, not in *that* way....for me) He's the bass repair guy from the university, and in the masters program in double bass there. he's like a tough guy whos a teddy bear on the inside. oh yeah, and he speaks japanese, italian and french!!! and hes from massachusetts. micheal is one of the best things thats happened to me in a while. its on par with me realizing that i had to be a musician; its that same feeling of conviction. i havent felt this way in a really long time; i forgot how great it could be. and even though i vowed never to date a bassplayer, and never to do the long distance thing again, i guess things change when you meet someone like this.....i'm happy. what a nice change.
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