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i am magic

i was reading an article today in IHT about kids going to a magician school in south africa as a way out of shantytown was pretty neat; one of the quotes talked about how magic was all about making the impossible seem possible. I really liked that; alot of my life has come to be about doing the impossible. For example, one look at my hands would tell you i shouldnt be able to play double bass, let alone play it well...but im working on it, and getting better everyday. Japanese is a language pretty different from english, and i shouldnt have been able to speak it, or live in japan...but i did. I shouldnt be able to start all over again, in college and in life...but i am! so maybe life, for me, is all about making the impossible possible. i think thats a pretty good view for me.

we've been playing a TON of orchestra rehearsals, since we're playing another concert this week. the orchestra is going to kinda suck, but the music itself is pretty cool. we're playing a marimba concerto by paul creston that totally rocks, along with this funky clarinet concerto by corigliano, and a ton of other concerto thingies.

rob and i went and looked at apartments today. i think ill moving out soon, like this weekend if possible, it mostly depends on rob...i can hardly wait, really. its hard to sleep with so many people in a house, with different time schedules, and when i can hear most everything in the kitchen and the room next door it just really kinda sucks. though i have taken to falling asleep to my honey bela flecks sweet banjo strums at night to drown out the noise. so i guess theres a silver lining to every cloud after all.

i love this weather; im looking forward to tornado season, though i hope its not too rainy this weekend. ive got a date with a funnel cake! and maybe a cute knight too....
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