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the prince of stories walks right by me

finally, the fucking WEEK O' HELL is over!!!!!!

i cant believe how hard my midterms were; oh yeah, and i'm flunking aural skills...and no, this isnt a brooke freak-out thing, like im making a B actually flunking...if i do all my homework and do well on my last two dictation quizes i can pass "with a solid C," as Dr. Reichardt put it. so, with all this taken into consideration, i have decided my spring break goal is to be a huge nerd, and just work and study and exercise. oh yeah, and clean the house and my room because its getting to the uncomfortably messy stage.

ive been doing alot of thinking lately about mom came up this week for a little bit, and boy was she critical of me, though not intentionally i think. i guess i get my perfectionism from her...its funny how i dont realize how much ive changed until something happens, and its just changed and so has everyone else....which is a good thing. i certainly know who i am and what i want out of life and relationships alot better than i did five years ago. im not really sad about things; im more like...well, dissappointed life didnt turn out the way i thought it would.....but really, its a good thing. if life always turned out the way we expected, how boring and unexciting would that be?!

i need to detox
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