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jack frost bites back i am at work, sitting next to an open window...and theres still snow on the ground!! wow! i dont mind cold weather so much when we get to have snow. it kinda makes me feel like im in new york city ...though i think ive fell on my ass about ten times now...the majority of my wipe-outs were at the duck pond on saturday when marilina and i had a TOTAL blast sledding! though i almost fell in....scary!!!

yesterday we made some pretty cool shrinky dinks, too, and hung out with judy. mostly i just took time off from all my responsiblities yesterday and saturday and just played music and hung out with michi. it was great! i needed some time, well, not off, because even when im relaxing, im always doing something, but still, you get the idea.

friday night at subatomic pieces and ghost was pretty cool; i went back on saturday to see ron y ritmo and get my salsa on, but they had cancelled! meh! so me and this friend i made from guitar class, jorge, saw a band at new york pizza *for free* that turned out to be pretty cool, especially the bassplayer! they were called glowbead, and i pretty much expected them to be a jam band, but they turned out to be way more than that! AND they had a marimba player! not too shabby!

im totally exhausted right now though, and ive got quintette practice at nine...ugh! last week just wore me out, emotionally, physically and mentally. i think i got most of the pieces picked up. im filled with a new determination to learn, love, and be patient with myself and with others. i was really pretty down wednesday and thursday last week, mostly because of silly ole v-day, and i flunked a couple of homework assignments and quizes in music theory. im still stressed out about that class, but i talked to the teacher, whos really pretty cool, and i think as long as i start working my ass off, im going to be ok. unfortunately, im going to either have to cut down on my bass time, or my exercise time in order to get enough studying in...of course, i need to lay off the internet/facebook stuff too...speaking of...

here's some pics from the pink and black ball!

(ok so i couldnt figure how to do the link thing..ah well...)
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