bass girl (superfly39) wrote,
bass girl

i should be practicing

well, gee it feels like alot has been going on, but really, still all i do is play bass and drink beer and watch dvds....we just played an orchestra concert and im super tired...i havent been eating as often as i usually do, nor going to the gym, so that may have something to do with it. i switched into finals mode two weeks before finals, which means im living off caffeine and diet rock star drinks and black and milds and beer. sometimes rob makes me pizza and pie. mmm....

robs been burning off this really awesome show called dexter for us to watch. i recommend it and i dont even really like tv!

micheal and i stopped dating....i guess we were only seeing each other maybe once a month, so i dont even know if you could call what we had a real relationship. i was pretty upset at first...sometimes i just feel like a failure when it comes to guys, but i guess im learning and thats the important thing. besides, i totally have an intellectual crush on my history teacher! heehee....

i started taking antidepressants a couple months ago, and i think it really helps. i try not to think about it though. i still feel guilty or something for needing drugs to be normal. then again it beats crying everyday. at first it was kind of weird....i found myself trying to get depressed and i just couldnt do it. i still wonder how some people can be happy all the time though.

i want to have a christmas party at our apartment sometime.....or maybe new years....hmmm....
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