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life, lurv, and death

ack, i feel like i have hamburger meat for fingers right now and i dont know why...oh wait, yeah i do...its because ive been rocking out so much!!! heehee...i guess my nerve ending are finally starting to rebel, bleh. i was just reading natalies post, and it made me realize: i AM exactly where i want to be right now! how lucky is that??!!! sometimes, i get myself down, about spending time going to japan and studying asian stuff instead of playing music...but you know, if i hadnt dont that, i wouldve second guessed myself the rest of my life, and i wouldve gotten burnt out on it, and i wouldnt get to have a flippin awesome bass teacher here at OU (not that john and mark arent awesome...but anthony, the new prof, man....he's just out of this world!) im playing jazz, im playing rock, im playing classical, and everything in between! I may not be great yet, but i am getting there, and you know, the path to being great is pretty great too!

ever since i talked to carter a couple of weeks ago, ive been really inspired to dig into wells of self confidence that are just waiting to be tapped. sometimes i hit a rock, but i think im getting there. i think confidence is a good thing; it only becomes a problem when you believe theres nothing left to learn, and that youre better than everyone else. lucky for me, im a life-long student!! so i figure, at my ripe old age, i might as well start believing in myself, because i cant even fathom existing in a world where there is nothing left to learn.

that being said, i have to admit im totally looking forward to summmmmmmerrrr! well, ill still be playing and learning alot over the next few months anyway...but at least i wont have to think about quizes and homework! though im probably getting a little bit ahead of myself. i wish i could fast forward through this un-dead week, and finals! oh yeah, and sometime in between i gotta move and exericise and play bach and MY FIRST Ron Y Ritmo show!!!! its kinda neat playing salsa jazz music, because i started out dancing to it, and now im learning how to play the rhythms oh bass instead being a twinkle toes!
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