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mozart is my homeboy

yes, i DO rock!

i just wrote my music scholarship essay, did my fafsa, AND updated my facebook all while working for da man at the parking garage. our orchestra concert tonight is going to be pretty cool, too, and once i get some diet rock star in me, ill be ready to salsa the night away with some friends at pepe's!! this weekend is going to be packed with music and beer and hopefully a bit of studying and exercising. tomorrow im going to a yoga for musicians class, im playing a pops concert, jamming with brandons friend steven, and going to some parties! sunday, i get to jam some more, and am planning on writing my music history paper. sometime over all this, i need to practice singing, piano, and drums. hmm....oh yeah, and rob and i are going to go check out apartments on monday. we pretty much know where we want to live (some of his friends live there) and it seems like there should be a place open there. its going to rock! we'll each have our own bathroom, walkin closets and high ceilings....i can hardly wait. i hope to move out in early april, maybe next weekend if im lucky...but since when am i lucky......heh....
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